Why should people use a professional Gmail backup and restore tool?

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2 min readFeb 28, 2023


The days when people could still put some trust in free tools for Gmail backup are long gone. The email services have become more integral to our lives. Threats have increased. Time has been divided into accomplishing far more things than ever. Free tools due to their non-reliability and security threats; and manual methods due to their inconsistency and time exhaustive process do not fit in the scenario for email backup in present times. Only professional tools can be chosen for the job and here too one has to choose the best from the rest.

Why is it so important to find a user-friendly Gmail backup tool?

If a professional tool has all the required features and also leads to accurate outcomes but it is difficult for users, then not only will it waste time but also lead to increased probability of failure and mistakes. Thus, despite the right technology, it will not be able to do the job it is choosen for. After all, end users are mostly not equipped for these kinds of complicated tasks and no demand should be placed on them to learn these kind of processes as it would impact their productivity.

A user-friendly tool, the best example of which is Mail backup X by InventPure, ensures that employees are not scared to adapt to better technologies that enhance productivity. This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices by using same interage which is a very pleasant factor for users. Also, it caters to backup needs for almost all major email services like Gmail, Outlook, Windows mail, Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, etc.

Why is Mail backup X considered to be the most innovative Gmail backup software?

It is because it has a combination of most innovative features and simplicity that extends to its installation, set up, and regular usage. It is not so common to have a modern software which is also simple to use. But this is something that is so important for all end user technologies.

More about Mail backup X Gmail backup tool

This tool overcomes all issues that users might have faced with other methods. It keeps files safe from all outside exposure while maintaining the integrity of email data through the entire task. This tool applies three times powerful data compression to backups which too does not alter the file structure and content. Professional standards outcomes are accomplished by end users independently with this tool that has many customisations features available to users.

This tool can backup most email services, it can archive emails as well, it restores backups and can be used to restore to live mailbox too, and it is also an email conversion tool with full functionality.

A tool that has everything for Gmail backup and restore

This tool has features that enable users to backup multiple copies to remote as well as local sites in a few easy steps while preserving the entire content and structure of files. Bulk data is not an issue as well.

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