What is making you wait before you start to backup Thunderbird emails

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2 min readMar 2, 2023


There is not even an iota of doubt that Thunderbird email service is one of the best platforms for professionals to manage their mails and save all those important folders. But just like any other mail platform, even Thunderbird needs to be backed up. Whether it was in the past or it is today in the future, the threats in the cyber world that challenge the security of our devices and emails still exist. In fact, these threats are more complex than before. Sometimes, they come in the form of free online tools. This is why we steer clear of free tools, online tools for all important tasks. Even today, we all face software and hardware failures, network connectivity issues, random file corruption, natural disasters, and so on. Email backup is one of the best and simplest way to recover data with minimal downtime, least expenses, and without exhausting your work force. So, get going now.

These are the basic guidelines for you to easily and securely create Thunderbird email backups

The first and the most important guideline is that your tool needs to be a certified one from a brand known to provide real solutions. It has to be automatic considering the amount of mails which are sent, recieved, and the number of folders which get updated so frequently. Also, the workforce has many other chores to do which makes it impractical to sit down every day or every other day to backup emails. These manual ways are highly inefficient.

For Thunderbird backup, one needs to be on top of their game to enable backups to be saved to local storage, external drive, and always to a Cloud based service which is secure. You must subscribe to a good service. All these sites should be used together for storing multiple copies for your archives so that any compromise of one site does not make you lose your backups. The magnitude of the task makes it essential that your tool has full, selective, and automatic incremental backup options.

With the three tasks highly related and inter-connected, a user will be best served by a tool which has email backup, email archiving and email recovery options. An advanced tool will be able to repair the corrupt files too.

Something that you will stand to benefit if you choose a tool from a company known to serve its clients well is that it will design tools which are easy to use on your own. Other companies will not bother with this aspect which is very much crucial for successful implementation of a backup plan.

Is there a tool with all these qualities for backing up Thunderbird and which is also flexible according to the number of users?

The best tool which adheres to all the necessary guidelines and is highly flexible with its packages and customisation of user profiles is Mail backup X by InventPure. It works for all major email platforms including Thunderbird mails and is suitable for Mac as well as Windows users.

Try a demo now and you will find more benefits of using this tool.