Mail Backup X Outlook Mac backup tool is open source software for backup Outlook Mac 2016

mail backup x
3 min readMar 3, 2023


The primary motive of the many business firms is to maintain the effective customer relationship for the growth and the development of the business, and that is why many entrepreneurs have used the many apps and the software to make the work comfortable and reliable. Among these apps and the software, the email clients are considered as the safest medium to create the interactive interaction, but the problem occurs when you have exceeded the limited storage space of the email clients. Not getting enough space can give you the issue of data crashes and the dangling.

So, what is the procedure to get free form the various problems of the email clients? After doing many investigations and the experiments in the email clients, the Inventpure Software has created the Mail Backup X which has every single resolution for your problems.

For more details about the Microsoft Office 2016, you can follow the described link that is

The tool has the many sub-modules to solve the various problems of the email clients which has described below-

· The mail backup X gives you the backup outlook Mac 2016 in the two different ways that are in the standard ways and second is in the automatic ways. Manual is the time taking a process which assists you to sit in front of the desktop and follow the various instructions. You can make the backup in the automatic ways by setting up the amount of the database and the time durations in the number of days, hours, weeks, months and years.

· You can also restore the files from the Backup Outlook Emails for making the many updates and for sending replies to the other customers and the employees.

· The search sub-module is the latest and the advanced tool which can give you the ease and effectiveness to locate the files by the name, number, data type, attachment and the contents of the Backup Outlook Mac 2016 Emails. IT allows you to make the comparisons in the different files while doing the logical and-or operations in the search box.

· You can also import and export the data of the email clients into the inbuilt email viewer which inversely reduce the burden to shuffle again and again the display windows. It can store the massive database into the PDF folder like structures where you can perform the various task such as searching of the database, rebuilding of the database and the updates, deletion of the database. It also gives you the printouts of the files whenever you want.

· You can also make the mirror copies of the records with the help of the FTP integrated clients which can give you the facility to request the server to create as many as copies of the same database for the distribution purposes. You can also take the backup in your portable devices with the help of the auto USB backup Synchronization process. It can give you the facility to get the backup in the pen drives, compact disk, hard disk and the flash drives with the auto-detection operations.