Best Yahoo backup wizard tool: Mail backup X

mail backup x
4 min readMar 1, 2023


Looking for a Yahoo email backup tool that works for you? Here it is!

What if you were told that there is a Yahoo mail backup wizard tool that you can use to backup and restore Yahoo mail emails whenever you want? Even though there is a lot of confusion about how to find the right yahoo backup tools, here is a final solution for you.

Mail backup X is the perfect solution to backup yahoo mail emails and to restore them whenever you want.

Mail backup X Professional Yahoo email backup wizard tool

Create your own yahoo email backup profile in few steps

Tool is compatible with both mac and windows OS

Step by step backup and recovery process

Automatic incremental backup for all

Set up different types of backups

Preserve the original folder hierarchy of your mailboxes

Choose the email items that you want to backup

Restore backed up items to live mailbox

Store your Yahoo mail backup in the location of your choice

Archive Yahoo mail emails as PDF files

Smart backup and resume feature

Search box allows you to find email items

Inbuilt data compression feature saves up to 3X space

Full version available in many packages

Interested? Get the free trial of this tool and see how it works in real time!

What makes this yahoo mail backup tool the best tool to backup emails?

There are a lot of powerful features which make this yahoo backup tool the ideal choice for all users, beginners or advanced.

- Automatic USB yahoo mail backups

With this amazing feature, you can set up automatic and quick portable backups whenever you want. You can map a USB drive and assign it as the default storage for your USB backups. Whenever you plug in this USB drive into the computer, the tool will detect it and will automatically store the latest snapshot copy of your local backup in it.

- Smart backup and resume feature

The smart backup and resume feature is remarkable in every way. You don’t have to worry about unstable internet connections anymore. Other email backup tools stop the backup progress as soon as the connection is lost. However, Mail backup X tool comes with this feature which allows it to hold the progress of the backup whenever the connection is lost. Whenever the tool detects that network connectivity is established, the backup process is automatically resumed from the point where it was left off. No progress is lost.

- Backup and restore multiple email services

This tool is not limited to just Yahoo mail. You get to backup and restore major email services like Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and more. In just a single user interface, you get the chance to backup, restore, archive and even convert different email services without any compatibility issues.

- Personalize your backup

You can filter any items that you wish to include in your backup. You can also choose where to store the email backup. You get to select both online and offline storage. The tool comes with an inbuilt data compression feature that allows you to save up to 3X more space while storing the backup. You also get a search box where you can find any email items that you wish. You can also set up mirror backups and scheduled backups according to your requirement

- Inbuilt email converter

This is probably the most unique feature that attracts a lot of email users towards this email management tool. Mail backup X is more than just a yahoo backup tool. You get an inbuilt email converter with this tool which allows you to export email backups from one format to another. This makes it a complete solution for powerful email management.

Here is the free trial of the tool for you

The free demo of Mail backup X tool is now out for download. You can download the free demo of this Yahoo backup wizard tool and see how it works. Once you are sure that it is right for you, feel free to upgrade to the full version which is offered in different packages. The free trial of the tool is offered with all the features unlocked so that you don’t have to keep wondering whether the full version will work or not. It is valid for 15 days so feel free to test each feature at your own pace. You can upgrade to the full version in just a few clicks directly from the free demo version. It cannot get any better than this!

The full version of the tool is available in two major types of packages

The single user version

The single user version is meant for single users and can be installed on two computers. It works on both windows and mac OS. This version is perfect for single users. This version can backup up to 5 mail profiles. If you need, you can get an added top up which will give you access to 10 more mail profiles.

The team version

The team version of the tool is offered for several users. It is available for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. You can backup and restore 5 mail profiles per user. You get an additional benefit with the team version. The admin of the team version can remotely use the tool and manage the mail profiles of other users as well. If you are a user of the team version and you feel the need to manage more mail profiles, you can get a 20$ top up pack and get 10 more mail profiles which can be assigned to any user that you want. The team version can also be customized for larger organizations.

Don’t miss this chance! Get the free trial of this yahoo backup tool and see how far we have come!