Best Email Archiver for Mac Mail Backup and Archiving

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3 min readFeb 16, 2023

Mail Backup X for Inventpure Mac is an email backup Mac software that makes email backup and archived. Stores archived emails in PDF format, ensures your security with your data encryption technology and facilitates the user’s task with its various features for safe and secure backup and file experience.

The best email archiver for Mac mail backup and archiving, and it does so with optimum care taking customer needs in consideration. It supports all major mail clients which makes it an easy mail backup tool to work with. It is well-suited for mail clients like Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, Thunderbird, PostBox, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and all other major mail clients which work online and backs up and restores mails from mail clients and gets to its work the moment they arrive. It supports import of stored mails from all kinds of archived files fro, major mail clients too. This software for backing up mails also comes with integrated advanced mail conversion engine as well as integrated FTP client. Its ability for auto USB backup sync is another added benefit which has been included keeping the user’s time in mind. In addition to these, its advanced search module facilitates fast search of mail from the myriad mails in the user’s Mac. This email backup software comes with inbuilt mail viewer which enables easy viewing of mails for users who receive numerous mails in a day.

Best Email Archiver For Mac

Mac Backup X for Mac is a mail backup software for emails which automatically backs up mails and archives them the moment they arrive in the user’s Mac. It can backup mails from Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, PostBox, Thunderbird, Office 365 for Mac, Outlook for Mac, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and other mail services. Apart from mail backup and service, this email backup software can also archive files and store them in PDF format. The ability of the Mail Backup X for Mac to backup mails from online service providers as well as online ones has been a long awaited feature and this mail backing up tool provides them both at once. Apart from this, this tool also supports export of mail archive files from various mail clients. As stated earlier, this mail backup tool’s integrated mail viewer helps the client by bringing all emails at one place and thus saving the user’s time from having to shift between different mail clients.

The innumerable amount of mails a user receives in a day makes it difficult for him/her to find out a particular mail from a particular person, it seems like the task of having to find out a needle from a haystack. However, with the service of this email backup software at their disposal, the users no longer have to waste their looking for a single mail from received files. With its advanced search module, this mail backup tool makes the life of its users lot more easier. In addition to this, this tool also archives mails in PDF format so that the email files remain safe and accessible for future use. With this tool around, the users do not have to worry about their storage space getting crammed up either. Its ultra-high compression algorithm saves up a lot of the storage space by compressing up files and thus reducing the amount of storage space used up by them.

This mail backup solution for backing up of emails comes with several inbuilt software which make the user’s life easier by providing them with extra data security and convenience. One of those extra features is the inbuilt advanced mail conversion tool which gives one the freedom to move between different mail clients of their choice. Another inbuilt feature is this mail backup tool’s ability for auto USB backup sync which saves the user from a lot of effort input and also saves their time. For more details about the Backup software, you can follow the described link that is