Archive IMAP the professional way with these expert tips

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2 min readFeb 27, 2023


The first step in the right direction to archive IMAP is to be well-acquainted with the mail backup and archiving process. One does no longer need to contact an expert or learn the tricks of the trade as several third-party mail backup tools are available out there. However, one should be vary of falling into the pitfalls of freeware or shortcuts, more than providing an edge over other options, they tend to damage the files. You can enhance your knowledge about mailing by reading the article here-

Archive IMAP mac without any hesitation

A person can archive IMAP mail unhesitant only when using the right methodology for it. One can make use of Mail Backup X to archive and backup data from practically any source. What makes it safe for such an exercise is the capacity to recognize and work with data from several sources. To enhance the safety of the files involved this software works in the offline mode, taking away all possibilities of damage to data. It also comes with several inbuilt features so one does not have to struggle with extra or hidden costs.

Archive IMAP and backup data from practically all sources

The specialty of this software lies in its ability to archive and backup data from practically all major mail clients. It might be used to backup data from several sources including thunderbird, postbox, apple mail, gmail, Hotmail, yahoo mail and outlook. It is safe for all kinds of data and comes with an integrated mail converter engine.

Using the converter engine which is of expert quality one can change the format of the files instantly. It is relevant to change the format of the files to and from .mbox, .eml, .rge, .pst and .olm. One can change the format of their files whenever they want and conveniently share data across different platforms.

Saving time and storage space comes easy to uses of this software

Not only would one be able to obtain the automatic service to archive IMAP using this software, they would also simultaneously save storage space. While the backup goes on, this software compresses the files so that they can fit in lesser spaces.

Another amazing inbuilt facility one gets with this software is the ultra-fast data search facility. Using it one can get the data search results much faster than usual. One just needs to enter the name of the file they are looking for or the name of the attachment they need.

Inbuilt mail viewer and ftp client

There is also the facility of a mail viewer present in this software, a feature that goes extremely well with the multidimensionality of this software. One can deal with data from various sources without budging at one place using this facility.

The presence of the ftp client makes this software suitable to archive IMAP mac and back them up on a huge basis. One can carry both primary backup and mirror backup using it.

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