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3 min readFeb 17, 2023


In this time and age where online data is considered vital and fragile, users are actually restricted now to prepare for Mac email backup or Mac mail backup and restore in a timely manner. You would be glad to know that it is now possible to fulfil constant need to backup mac mail with ease and benefits. When it comes to backing up Mac Outlook mail, Apple mail etc. or if someone says, how to backup Mac emails? The most convenient and effortless method is to get a professional third party email backup software to backup and restore emails without restrictions.


There are far too many email backup paid software available on web and each of them has its own uniqueness. Amidst all these contemporary competitors, there is one tool that has the potential to be ranked as: “outstanding performer”. The email backup and restore software we are talking about is known as MAIL BACKUP X by INVENTPURE. This technically advanced app is the application that is ahead of its time.

This tool is embedded with multiple advance series of features and aspects that give you an upper hand when it is about backing and restoring emails. Allow us to explain some of its features in details a bit.

Features in a nut shell

· The tool allows you to backup and restores from Apple Mail, Outlook Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox as and when they arrive. It also supports advance features to set up Mirror and Distributed backup.

· It makes it accessible to import stored emails by supporting all mail archive data from IMAP based major email clients such as Mac .OLM archive, Windows .PST archive, RGE and EML archived files etc.

· Inbuilt mail viewer is another noteworthy aspect of this tool. With mail viewer, you become capable to have a look at all your archived emails, without the need to switch between multiple mail clients.

· Enabled with lightning fast advanced search module which makes complex search operations easy enough.

· You can archive all the emails and save them in PDF by retaining the same as original folder structure.

· With Mail Backup X, you can save up to three times more space by compressing the archived data and extracting files to diminish the required storage space and transmission time for your backed up data.

· The most recognized and appreciated feature of this tool is its ability to convert emails file formats such as OLM to PST. This quality makes this tool multi-tasking application.

· You can also directly shift archived email data to your preferred USB by setting it up with the tool just once.

· File Transfer Protocol is also valuable asset that comes for free with Mail Backup X. It allows you to set up primary and mirror mail backups for added safety. This feature is largely popular with big giants of the capital: Tech firms and SCM firms.

If you are still struggling the deciding factor then we strongly recommend you the free demo version of this tool because we also believe that actions speaks louder than words.